RDM38 ECO Excavator Forestry Mulcher

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Top Features

  • Please note that this does NOT include options, hydraulic hoses, hydraulic quick couplers, freight nor set-up costs.
  • Now including a Maintenance Kit with every mulcher purchase, a $820 value for free!
  • Bearing Box—Custom built, ROBUST, TOUGH and DURABLE. This is the heart and soul of this mulcher! Each bearing box is tested prior to shipping.
  • Reduction Shroud System—acts like a vacuum and moves the material into the cutting teeth which results in faster production and finer mulch size.
  • Cutting Disc is made of Hardox 700 T-1 steel which is 30% stronger than mild steel!


Advanced Forest Equipment’s professional grade forestry mulcher attachments are used worldwide for land clearing, vegetation control, and forest fire prevention to name a few uses. Our professional grade forestry mulcher attachments are designed by a contractor that has over 35 years of professional mulching experience. 

The RDM38 ECO excavator forestry mulcher is a professional grade forestry mulcher built contractor tough. The SUNFAB hydraulic motor is used on the RDM38 ECO excavator forestry mulcher which is the best in the industry. We build our attachments to match your current thumb and quick coupler. 

Ease of Maintenance

There are no belts, pulleys or shivs; our systems are direct drive, the power goes directly into a bearing box transferring all the power to the cutting disc. The bearings are oil bathed for continuous lubrication and cooling. The drive shafts are heat treated and ground for a precision fit.  We have a rubber safety coupler between the hydraulic motor and bearing box to protect from damage. 


The ECO Series mulchers are designed to match the hydraulic motor to your carrier’s  fluid flow. This ensures the best possible performance. The unique reduction shroud design, the direct drive system and the 38” diameter 1 ¼” thick cutting disc carry the inertia through the cut and forces the material into the fixed cutting teeth. Any material up to 5 inches in diameter (depending on hydraulic flow), will be cut and pulled into the reduction shroud system resulting in a one-step process. The ECO Series mulchers also allow the operator to see the cutting teeth as they engage with the material they are mulching; this allows the operators to avoid foreign materials that could be a potential safety hazard.

Please note, matching up the right mulching attachment to a specific carrier will determine how well the mulcher package will function in your region. Skid steer manufactures are known for not having safety guarding and/or safety windows on their products so we highly recommend reviewing your machine first, before purchasing a forestry mulcher.