Advanced Forest Equipment’s professional grade forestry mulcher attachments are used worldwide for land clearing, vegetation control, and forest fire prevention to name a few uses. Our professional grade forestry mulcher attachments are designed by a contractor that has over 35 years of professional mulching experience.

Here at AFE, we have the contractor’s ADVANTAGE! We are not just a sales team, we are a professional contracting company on the west coast. We mulch and will continue to mulch with our professional grade forestry mulcher attachments. We practice what we preach! AFE’s equipment was NOT designed in a lab, but in the field under the same conditions, you face daily.

The original disc style mulcher for skid steers! Engineered and manufactured in the USA!

Imitated by some, duplicated by none! Engineered by Contractors, for Contractors!

At AFE, we focus on doing it right the first time. Making every forestry mulcher attachment a masterpiece with unparalleled quality and value. We do not rush our process to meet a quantity metric because we know that as a contractor you need equipment you can depend on repeatedly. We aim for superior quality and only use the best materials on the planet. None of the materials used on our mulcher attachments are recycled/refurbished. Our assembling process is done with great thoroughness and precision. To meet our quality expectations, we use several testing methods on each mulcher attachment before it leaves our facilities.

(Please note, matching up the right mulching attachment to a specific carrier will determine how well the mulcher package will function in your region. Skid steer manufacturers don't always have safety guarding and/or safety windows on their products so we highly recommend reviewing your machine first, before purchasing a forestry mulcher.)